Contour Play System

Designed around kids

Emphasizing coordination, balance, and decision making, Contour Play Systems blend the traditional play value of post and deck structures with the dynamic challenges of modern active play. Systems that invite the youngest children to explore, while keeping older children engaged begins here with the Contour Pod.

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Active Play

The unique appearance of the Contour Pod is a visual anchor which keeps children flowing back to it. While the interior space encourages children to select a path, keeping them continually on the move.

Play Variety

Careful attention is given to the choice of equipment and how children navigate around the structure. Providing enduring play and a safe social environment.

Event Density

The Contour Systems unique relationship between pod and post, creates seamless transitions with up to eight events per pod. This guarantees the most play value in any cofiguration.

Play on Demand

Whether your project is a School, Park, HOA, or Urban play space, our pre-configured systems are designed to ensure children are provided the maximum play opportunities while keeping a compact site layout.

Providing Pathways

Contour Systems are designed to provide children with a series of choices. From the direction they take when exiting the pod, to the choice their feet will take at the end of a slide. Indirect circular flow is designed into each system, blending circuit play equipment with the traditional familiarity of post and deck. Re-engaging paths are formed, so while play can begin anywhere in the system, the pods are a compelling return point.

Growing Designs

Every Contour Play System is designed using this formula: Develop coordination, balance, and decisiveness in a compact structure that reduces barriers and isolation, guaranteeing maximum play value from any system you choose.

Color is an integral part of any playground environment. Good use of color can inspire the imagination, encourage vigorous play, and set the tone for interaction and socialization. It is our manufacturing expertise blended with the highest quality colorants and materials that make our products the finest in the industry. The following color palettes have been designed to bring out the best in our Contour Play Systems.
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