Playground Planning


Our catalog is a great place to go for design concepts!

Planning your Playground

You have the dream. Our talented playground representatives have the skill and experience to help you shape the dream of that perfect playground into a workable reality. They are eager to assist you with everything from site evaluations to age-appropriate activities, tips on design, colors and features, and budget concerns including fund raising.
They can also advise you about important safety and compliance issues and the current Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG). Planning a commercial playground takes a lot of effort, but with Playcraft Systems™, you can rest assured that we’ll be there every step of the way.


Our design and graphics departments can create a variety drawings, images and other presentation material so you can visualize your concept before you ever put a post in the ground!

Scale Drawings and Renderings

With your needs and ideas in mind, our highly trained designers and engineers take the next step. Utilizing state-of-the-art CAD technology, they create working drawings that include a top view, site plan, front and back perspectives, and full color 3D renderings so you can see the playground you’ve envisioned.
We offer a large collection of commercial components to meet your unique requirements, and because all of our equipment is modular, we can offer an almost infinite variety of configurations.
For more information about our design and ­engineering team, see our custom design page.


We do all our own welding, powder-coating and routing in house!
State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Techniques
Our manufacturing process uses the latest CAM technology to create precision parts and components including climbers and decks, and rotationally molded plastic components like slides and roofs.
To achieve faster turn-around times, superior quality control and value, most of our products are produced in-house. For further control, all projects are tracked by our advanced electronic production and inventory control system, ensuring that products are produced correctly and shipped in a timely fashion.
See our quality page for additional information on Playcraft's commercial playground manufacturing.


Our shipping experts know how get the job done!
Final Checks and Shipping
Quality control is extremely important at Playcraft Systems™. We check each piece for high quality consistency at every step of production; then prior to packaging, we check for flaws again before the equipment moves on to our shipping department.
Every individual component from plastic slides, roofs and panels to the freshly powder-coated metal components to the box of hardware - is carefully bagged, wrapped and packed to prevent damage in transit.


Installation goes smoothly with our experienced reps and excellent instructions.
Helpful Guidelines and Information

With every project shipped, we provide comprehensive and detailed installation instructions specific to that project. Our Playground Equipment Manual includes construction views and general installation guidelines, as well as maintenance and safety information.
We also supply a customized maintenance kit which includes touch-up paint, age-appropriate labeling, information on warranty, repair and replacement of parts, and much more.


Opening day is always a blast!
It’s time to reap the rewards of all the hard work, so turn the kids loose to ENJOY!
Children will love their new playground!
Playcraft Systems™ Commercial Playground Equipment
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