Accessible Playground Equipment For Kids Of All Ages & Abilities

Providing Access for Kids of All Ages and Abilities

Boundary Free Designs

We approach each playground design with all kids in mind. Our designers create optimal layouts for ground level play components to foster interaction and socialization among children of all ages and abilities. From the early design stages to the finish, we strive to offer the very best accessible commercial playground equipment in the industry!

The U.S. Access Board has developed ADA accessibility guidelines ensuring that children with disabilities will have access to playgrounds and play events where they can be free to play and interact with other children.

We Take All Special Needs & ADA Guidelines Into Account When Designing Playgrounds

The following summary outlines the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) and how they apply to commercial playground equipment for public use.

Accessible Routes to Play Areas

Accessible routes provide children who use wheelchairs or other mobility devices the opportunity to access play components. It is important to create a path using accessible surfacing to connect the play area with other accessible areas such as sidewalks, buildings, parking lots, etc. Accessible routes should coincide with the general circulation path used within the play area. Careful placement and consideration of the layout of accessible routes will enhance the opportunities of children of all ages and abilities to socialize and interact.

Ground Level Play Events

A ground level play event is a play event which is approached and exited at ground level. Examples of ground level play components include panels, spring activities, swings, diggers, and stand alone slides. When distinguishing between the different types of ground level play events, one should consider the general experience provided (rocking, swinging, climbing, spinning, sliding, etc.). At least one of each of these types of ground level events needs to be placed along an accessible route or over accessible surfacing.

Must Provide Access to Half of the Elevated Events

Smaller commercial play structures must use transfer stations or equivalent means of access to 50% of the elevated events. Larger play structures with 20 or more elevated events must provide ramps for wheelchair access to at least 25% of the elevated events in addition to transfer or equivalent access to 25% of the elevated events.

Transfer Station

Transfer Stations

A transfer station is a ground level transfer point accompanied by components with rises of no more than 8” (20.3cm), allowing for accessible change in elevation on the play systems. It is important to note that if a slide or climber can be reached by transfer or wheelchair, it must exit over an accessible surface to be fully accessible.

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