Your budget should include several expense categories that need to be considered in the planning stages

A. Play equipment and freight to your site - Your Playcraft Representative can assist you with determining both equipment and freight costs.
B. Site Preparation - This can vary greatly, depending upon the amount of grading, excavation, etc. that is necessary to prepare a level site for your play equipment. Your playground consultant or local contractor will be a good source of advice.
Site Preparation
C. Installation - Determine if you will do your own installation using the detailed instructions provided by Playcraft or have the system installed for you. Costs vary greatly by area, but are generally 25%-45% of the cost of the play equipment.
D. Surfacing - Every commercial playground must have a resilient surface for the safety of your children. These surfaces vary from inexpensive materials such as sand or wood mulch, to more costly materials like recycled rubber padding. Certain portions of the play area must be accessible. Your Playcraft Representative can guide you through the entire process and keep costs as reasonable as possible.
(See Surfacing)
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