Color is an integral part of any playground environment. Good use of color can inspire the imagination, encourage vigorous play, and set the tone for interaction and socialization. It is our manufacturing expertise blended with the highest quality colorants and materials that make our products the finest in the industry.
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Powder-coat Colors
Steel Posts, Rails, Wall Barriers, Climbers, etc.
All Playcraft steel components go through an extensive multi-stage powder-coating process that yields a highly durable and lasting protective finish.
Roto-molded Plastic Colors
Slides, Roofs, Erector Rocks, Lily Pads, etc.
Like a good jelly bean, our colors go all the way through! Playcraft slides, panels, roofs, and other plastic components are molded using hot-blended color compounded resins that stay bright and colorful even after years of wear.
HDPE Plastic Colors
Activity Panels, Round-3.5 Wall Barriers, etc.
Our hot-extruded high density polyethylene sheet plastic is available in solid and layered colors for one or two-color component design opportunities.
Solid HDPE Plastic
Layered HDPE Plastic
Play-TuffTM Coating Colors
Decks, Steps, Bridges, Benches & Tables, etc.
Playcraft Systems uses an in-house state-of-the-art Play-Tuff (plastisol) coating process that offers unmatched protection for our perforated steel decks, steps, and other select steel components.
Thermoplastic Coating Colors
Climber and Erector Rock Grips and Decks
Our Thermoplastic Polyethylene coating is an environmentally responsible alternative to PVC coatings.
Shade Canopy Fabric Colors
Our ultra-tough fabrics come in a wide variety of colors and provide superior protection from harmful ultra-violet rays.
Play-CordTM Cable Colors
Cables are made from tightly woven, nylon wrapped, multi-strand galvanized steel cable. These high density, abrasion resistant cables are specifically made for playground use.
Net Cable Connector Colors
Available in Black Only.
Vinyl Chain Coating Colors
Swing Chains
Activity Chains (Climb Wall, Web Climber, etc.)
Available in Brown Only.
Swing Seat Colors
Belt and Bucket Seats
Roto-molded Plastic Tire
Roto-molded Inclusive Swing Seat
Available in all Roto-molded plastic colors.
IMPORTANT: The colors shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual colors may vary. Contact your Playcraft Distributor for accurate color samples.
Playcraft Systems™ Commercial Playground Equipment
Playcraft Systems™ is a Commercial Playground Equipment company. At our state-of-the-art Commercial Playground Manufacturing facility we produce: New Commercial Playground Equipment, School Playground Sets, Accessible Playground Equipment and Park Fitness Equipment, and Site Furnishings and Amenities.
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