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Setting the Standard in the Playground Industry

In today's mass-produced world, quality has become a marketing buzzword.

At Playcraft, quality means craftsmanship. Our hand finishing, thicker coatings, attention to detail and installation excellence mean communities don't spend time worrying about durability, they can just concentrate on developing who they are, promoting cognitive, language and physical skills through play experiences, and advancing imagination, concentration, self-confidence and sociability skills.

Play is everything to a child. Creating the best play systems is everything to Playcraft. Read on and discover why our craftsmanship is unmatched.

Our Manufacturing Process

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The best path to quality is to prevent issues and mistakes from happening.

This requires engineering forethought, skilled personnel, well-maintained equipment, process control, and conformance to specifications. Our manufacturing process is a meticulous system of control, maintained by our shop managers, and executed by our dedicated staff of craftsmen. Every play equipment order is automatically programmed into our electronic production system, ensuring orders are delivered flawless, complete, and on-time.

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Fabrication Excellence

  • All steel components are hot dipped galvanized prior to manufacturer for added durability and rust protection
  • Robotic cutters and welders ensure precision finishes.
  • Welds are hand finished to be touch-friendly and undetectable in the field.
  • Metal is always hand cleaned, phosphate-washed, and sealed thoroughly for the best and most durable paint quality.
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Resilient Coatings

  • All metal is chrome sealed to enhance wear protection, reduce friction, and improve corrosion resistance.
  • Every inch of metal is coated in 2 mil of epoxy primer, not just at the weld.
  • Metal is finished with 9 mil of durable poly TGIC powder for better curing and a total finish coat of 11 mil, the best in the industry.
  • All decks and Play-Tuff components receive more than 125 mil of slip-resistant coating, the thickest in the industry.
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Exceptional Plastics

  • We utilize advanced technology and materials to create durable, tough, plastic components.
  • We offer exceptional quality in both rotationally molded and high-density polyethylene.
  • Plastic parts manufactured with extra thick walls and colorfast materials for lasting durability and brilliance.
  • Each plastic component is hand inspected for excellence.
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Hand Finishing

  • Every part that leaves our factory is hand inspected by trained technicians. Our Custom Finishing Team inspects, hand-finishes, and mechanically files each connection before finish coating is applied.
  • All post caps have a ring that wraps the post and self-seals to prevent moisture penetration and rust.
  • All edges on plastic parts are rounded and inspected for comfort and safety.
  • You will not find a higher quality process.
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Impeccable Shipping and Installation

  • Each new playground arrives in our custom packaging and shipping materials.
  • Every shipment comes with a comprehensive instruction booklet.
  • Every playground features a detailed playground Equipment Manual custom crafted for your unique playground system.
  • Our proprietary King Clamp System is specifically engineered to ensure a smooth, stress-free, and compliant installation.
  • Playcraft's highly trained installers will flawlessly craft your play system to ensure years of community play.
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Throughout our entire process, we have maintained high expectations for our services and products.

These high expectation has led us to become one of the most vertically integrated manufacturers of playground equipment. This means that we produce virtually all of our components and maintain the Playcraft Standard of Quality. Our facility contains some of the most modernized machinery and environmentally friendly practices. Our equipment is designed, manufactured, and tested to meet or exceed industry standards.

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Rest assured with
Playcraft Systems

Every product we manufacture is designed with quality, safety, and value in mind. Every project we undertake is an opportunity to prove that Playcraft Systems is setting a new standard and raising the bar on quality and play expectations... one playground at a time.