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Environmental Stewardship

Living and playing within Oregon’s forests and landscapes have inspired our unwavering appreciation for the environment. We firmly believe that Playcraft’s stewardship of our surroundings is a reflection of ourselves and the responsibility we embrace to protect the lands we share. Playcraft Systems® is committed to creating the best playground equipment available for the health of our children, our communities, and our environments.

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Playcraft Systems is respectfully aware of our positive impact on the world around us, not only through the play areas we create but also our advocation of ecological conservation and restoration of community resources. We ensure our contribution to mankind’s future is greater than the footprint we leave behind.


The value of clean air, fresh water, and healthy wildlife cannot be overstated. Playcraft is resolute in the pursuit of improving resource conservation through efficient design and operational waste reduction.


We are committed to minimizing the primary and secondary sources of greenhouse gas emissions throughout the product life cycle. This is achieved through collaboration with our consultants and clients. By utilizing recycled materials, resourceful energy and waste manufacturing techniques, and more fuel-efficient shipping methods we can reduce overall emissions.

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We promote the education and advocacy of sustainable practices through our distribution and consultation network. Highlighting environmental considerations such as our product durability, the longevity of our product’s life cycle, and the recycled content used throughout our variety of products.


Playcraft products go through an in-house manufacturing process and are American made. Our PDCA cycle ensures continual improvement of how parts are designed, the energy efficiency of machinery used, and waste recycled without sacrificing safety or durability.


We educate and promote our company culture to be Champions of Change within our interconnected communities. Activities like our “Days of Caring”, certification programs, customer incentives, and sustainable construction practices help encourage our vast network to support these efforts.