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South Inglewood Park - Tuesday, September 21st

Playcraft Systems invites you to join us for a community gathering, co-organized with Great Southern Recreation. Music City is gearing up to open its brand-new playground at South Inglewood Park. This will be an opportunity for anyone attending the NRPA Conference and park neighbors to see many of the new products Playcraft has to offer. Local food truck, Moosic City, will be on hand to serve up some sweet treats to our guests.

NEW Butterfly Photo Station

It has been said that butterflies symbolize many things, but the most important are hope and positivity. With this Freestanding Butterfly Photo Station, you can bring a little light and joy to the playground. Whether you're a parent trying to capture the memories of a play day with your kids or friends that want that perfect playground photo to share on social media, the Butterfly post is made for everyone. All you have to do is stand in front of the beautiful colored wings, smile, and snap the photo.

NEW Arc Topper

Add a little flex to your playground with our New Arc Toppers. The curved piece provides shape and dimension to the overall look of the playground. You can choose to have the topper as the same color as the post, or you can mix and match colors. With a limitless number of design capabilities, this product is sure to bring a full look and feel to any playground area at a slim cost. A set of the NEW Butterfly wings can be added to any Arc Topper!

NEW Counter Connect

Come one, come all, and take a seat! The Counter Connect offers a place for everyone at the playground. This product creates a space where you can socially interact or rest. Inclusive play is all around, and the counter connect gives kids of all ages and skill a place to engage. This rectangular tube counter-frame provides seven unique post attachment points for maximum design flexibility. Or attach the Counter to any site shade post to create a covered seating area for the playground goers.

NEW Thunder Wedge

The Thunder wedge is a fun, freestanding climber that incorporates multiple routes of play. Time will fly by on the side mounted HDPE Sensory Hourglass Panel as they find new play challenges. This climber puts kids to the test trying to tackle different grip styles all while resisting gravity.

NEW Thunder Climber

The Thunder Climber is a unique rotomolded arch climber paired with a flexible interior net ladder. The interior angle net will be offered as a stand-alone climber (Narrow Net Climber). Whether you use the crawl-thru, the arching Thunder climb or the internal net ladder, this climber is designed to develop any level of climbing skill.

NEW Narrow Net Climber

The Narrow Net Climber help kids improve their coordination, and balance while providing access to other playground equipment. Attach this flexible net climber with the powdercoated mounting brackets to any deck.