NRPA 2022

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NRPA 2022 Conference

We hope you enjoyed the NRPA 2022 Conference. It was nice to meet you! Thank you for stopping by our booth and your interest in Playcraft Systems. We had a great time in Phoenix, and we look forward to helping you with your next playground project!

Watch the video to learn more about Playcraft. Ready to get started on your playground project? Let us know and we will connect you with a local consultant.

Metaluxe Media Standard 1

METALUXE Signature Powder-coat Colors

The playground display at NRPA featured some of the METALUXE Signature Powder-coat Colors we offer. Our exclusive collection of metallic powder-coat colors provide a finish that speaks to luxury and brilliance. These highly durable, grime resistant coatings bring a touch of shimmer and provide contrast against other tints and tones in your playscape.

For a limited time METALUXE will be available at no additional charge. Simply choose from any of the six colors. Playground powder-coat colors can be a combination of METALUXE and/or traditional colors.

NFUSE Belt Bay Media Standard 1


This new bay addition to the NFUSE Modular Play System introduces a fun inclined belt climber that provides a transfer point and engaging access to our NFUSE hybrid play structures. The Tri-Pad allows for a softer step-up. Kids will find exciting ways to pivot from a hub, other bays, or the molecule blocks to the inclined belt climber. The NFUSE Incline Belt Bay pairs well with the new NFUSE Wave Slide.

NFUSE Slide 48 Left Media Standard


The NFUSE Wave Slide can be combined with our growing collection of NFUSE products or provide the option to be used as a stand-alone, post-mounted slide. It will be available in a left or right post-mounted orientation. The slide features a ladder rung to make the climb easier for younger children.

Cord Climber Media Standard 1


Are the kids climbing the walls? Try our new Cord Climber instead! The 24mm cord features 5” ball grips that are perfect for hands and feet to leverage as the ascend to the deck. It is offered in 4’-8’ deck heights. The 8’ deck option is ideal for the NFUSE Deck Link Bays.