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Components overview

Components are the individual pieces that make up a play structure. Playcraft play system components are categorized by appropriate age, and by the type of play event each component offers. We provide many different play event components ranging from climbers, to overhead events, all the way to roofs and toppers. This expansive selection of components is designed to encourage and challenge children of all ages with a wide range of abilities.

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Climbing and balancing skills are essential for a growing child, encouraging physical and emotional development. Climbers give kids a sense of accomplishment, competence, and independence. Help develop the children’s dexterity and coordination with climbers that are challenging to navigate.

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Playground slides can come in all shapes and sizes. Playcraft Systems focuses on providing several quality slides perfect for your play area solutions. We have spiral slides, tube slides, roller slides, and metal slides for a start.

  • Spiral Slide – Features for spiral slides can vary depending on your configuration. Get a one-piece design for a smooth ride down with extra high and thick side walls. Or get a sectional spiral slide to be in control of the users slide path!
  • Tube Slide – Our versatile tube slides are ideal for all deck heights but especially for the highest decks. Their fully enclosed design helps to eliminate the danger of falls from higher decks, and their modular sections can be configured in a multitude of ways to create Straight, Curved, S-Shaped, Spiral, or Zigzag slides.
  • Many more slide options available!
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Bridges and links, while fun and challenging, function primarily as connecting points between events within the play structure. They offer a variety of options to stimulate physical activity including climbing, jumping, balancing, swinging, and flexing. The more challenging links develop navigational skills and a sense of accomplishment. Provide bold pathing between events with our bridges & links.

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Playcraft panels are fun, educational, versatile and economical, designed for children of all ages and abilities. Add even more play value to your new or existing play system by peppering your playground with a diverse array of our panels, from informative to interactive.