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Freestanding items are a great way to add variety to your playground. If you have a small area or budget, these are a simple and cost-effective solution for high-density fun. Every commercial playground could benefit from a few of these dynamic attractions.

Playcraft offers an array of freestanding item solutions that are sure to suit your specific play area. Get the most out of your playground budget by adding a few splendid freestanding items. Playcraft is offering a plethora of different items for you to choose climbers, motion, events/activities, spring riders, play vehicles, net effects, balance, or the toddler series to name a few.

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A climber is more than just a fun vertical or horizontal event. Climbers can be a tool to help develop a child’s coordination and strength. Our climbers come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. Explore which explore suits your playground's style.

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Motion events can be fun for everyone. These events are designed to provide maximum play value while working to advance children’s balance among many other important traits. Discover products like our Neutron Carousel, a large diameter spinner bound to keep kids coming back for more!

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Freestanding play events and activities are a popular accommodation for your next playground. Active play is essential to a child’s development. There are many play events and activities that facilitate this. There is a long list of activities that Playcraft can provide from sand and water tables to balancing beams, as well as fun bouncing lilies.

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Spring riders, a timeless classic, are made of sturdy and colorful HDPE (high-density polyethylene). These include a heavy-duty coil spring for greater strength and stability while riding. While riding, a child has the opportunity to advance their balance and coordination as well as enjoying the tons of fun that spring riders provide!

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Let the imagination run wild with Playcraft Systems play vehicles. As soon as a gang of children jumps into the vehicle, watch as their eyes light up and smiles grow. These vehicles have a wide range of styles. Some feature a powder coated all steel frame with HPDE (high-density polyethylene) accents, while others are colorful HPDE construction mounted on heavy gauge springs for dynamic spring action fun. Firetrucks, Wagons, Off Roader, Space Shuttles and more are all available right now!

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The Net Effects line has small or large climbing events made of cable rope. These freestanding items are stylish and challenging to navigate providing play value for a vast range of ages. Keep your playground participants occupied with these excellent freestanding additions. Check out the Sky House, Arc Ridge, or several more for the perfect fit to your playground.

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You can use balance elements to link events and structures, or feature them as freestanding elements throughout the playground. Balance is an essential skill for children, so be sure to include balance elements in the overall plan.

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Designed with the smallest children in mind, our six to twenty-three-month systems accommodate their developing bodies and abilities. Crafted out of the most durable materials and imaginative designs and color combinations, our early development systems are sure to delight for years to come.

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Freenotes Harmony Park is the industry leader in outdoor musical instruments. Invented by Grammy Award-Winning musician Richard Cooke more than 20 years ago these innovatively designed instruments are durable, sustainable, and perfectly tuned sound sculptures that enhance any outdoor space. Freenotes Harmony Park is creating a Global Musical Park Movement, creating music parks in communities everywhere.

A growing body of research has confirmed that experiencing music in an outdoor environment positively engages the brain while building community capital. Music also has positive effects on learning, memory, and ability to experience pleasure.