New Products

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New Products

Playcraft Systems is always thinking of how to further the playground industry. Our research and development team remain committed to not only bringing advancements in the look and feel of play areas, but also focus on functionality, play value, and affordability. We understand the playground industry evolves and adapts over the years, and we want your new playground to be in style for years to come. We achieve this by developing new design systems, new freestanding products, and by and by reimagining playground favorites.

Terrain Effects

Terrain Effects, or simply mounds, are elevated terrains incorporated into playgrounds to offer children a dynamic and engaging play experience. These naturally contoured structures provide a unique blend of physical activity and imaginative play, allowing children to climb, roll, and explore various levels and slopes. Beyond the joy of the climb, Terrain Effects encourage balance, coordination, and spatial awareness. Terrain Effects also offers a variety of integrated play equipment, including climbing ropes, embankment slides and play structure links.

Crane Ridge

Mound 48


Product Line: Terrain Effects

Accommodates 6 children

Play Area: 15 x 18

Hill Hopper with 4ft/2ft Mounds

Nimble Bay LG SM


Product Line: Terrain Effects

Accommodates 21 children

Play Area: 13 x 29

Hill Hopper with 4ft/4ft Mounds

Nimble Bay LG LG


Product Line: Terrain Effects

Accommodates 21 children

Play Area: 18 x 32

Bailey Hill

Mound 24


Product Line: Terrain Effects

Accommodates 6 children

Play Area: 9 x 13

Beach Rescue 480

Beach Rescue Truck

Get ready for a thrilling rescue mission right in the heart of your playground paradise with the Beach Rescue Truck! Designed for young adventurers, this play piece brings the excitement of lifeguarding to life in a fun and engaging way. With its vibrant colors and realistic detailing, the Beach Rescue Truck sparks creativity and inspires hours of interactive play. Equipped with movable parts and interactive features, it allows children to simulate daring rescues and heroic missions all while stimulating their imagination.

Volley Star 1 copy

Volley Star

Introducing Volley Star, a captivating and dynamic ball game designed to ignite the spirit of competition and camaraderie among children. In this innovative pastime, players engage in the exhilarating challenge of hitting a ball high into the air, aiming to maneuver it through suspended areas. With an emphasis on precision and timing, Volley Star offers a refreshing twist on traditional ball sports, encouraging young participants to develop their coordination and strategic thinking while enjoying an active and entertaining experience. Whether played casually among friends or in organized tournaments, Volley Star promises endless excitement and opportunities for skillful mastery as players soar to new heights of fun and achievement. Volley Star is offered in two height configurations: 6ft and 7ft.

Celebration Spinner Media Standard 1

Celebration Spinner

Designed with accessibility in mind, this whirl provides ease of access for people of all abilities, with its entry at finish grade. The ground-level platform eliminates the need for a transfer mechanism or ramp, making it a breeze for anyone to hop on and experience the thrill of spinning. Get ready to spin, laugh, and celebrate with friends.

Cord Climber Media Standard 11

Cord Climber

Featuring heavy duty PlayCord rope that can withstand the rigors of even the most active play environments. Strung with rubber balls that serve as grips, providing kids with a secure hold as they make their way to the top. Available to fit three different deck heights.

R5 Inclined Belt Media Standard 1

Inclined Belt Climber

This fun climber is a unique and challenging play event. With an ultra-durable industrial rubber climbing surface, this climber is built to withstand intense use. The slip-resistant, Play-Tuff coated access point ensures safe and easy entry and exit. Platform available to be attached in left, right, and dual configurations. Powder-coated all-steel frame. Will connect to 3’ and 4’ deck heights. Available for R5 & R35 systems.

Spiral Deck Media Standard 1

Spiral Deck

The Spiral Deck connects decks with a height difference of 24” completing a 90° turn. The powder-coated frame ensures durability and longevity. Playtuff coated stepping surfaces are slip resistant and resilient to wear. Available in left and right configurations.

Swing Shade One Bay Media Standard 1

Single Post Swing Shade

Kids will have it made in the shade, and you can let them swing the day away knowing they will be safe from continuous sun exposure! The Single Post Swing Shade protects from harmful UV rays to provide a fun and playful shaded area. Designed for children of all ages (based on the seat style you choose).

Spring MAX Thunder Wedge Media Standard 1

Thunder Wedge

The powder-coated framework, rotationally molded shell, HDPE vertical step, crawl-thru opening, and interior net offer a variety of climbing access points. Kids can attempt to defy gravity while exploring different grip styles by climbing up, over, inside or outside the wedge. The HDPE Hourglass Panel provides an additional element of sensory play.

Spring MAX Thunder Climber Media Standard 1

Thunder Climber

Features a powder-coated framework with crawl-thru opening, rotationally molded climbing shell and flexible interior net climber. The versatile Thunder Climber connects to any R5 structure allowing users to navigate between the component and system deck in exhilarating ways. Kids can test their skill level with the various gripe styles through the multiple ups and downs and determine their own path to maximize the play value.

Spring MAX Turbo Totter Media Standard 1

SpringMAX Turbo Totter

This multi-user, generational teeter-totter is designed to encourage play with the entire family! The heavy-duty metal frame with flexible belt seating, and our Play- Tuff coated transfer platform offer plenty of inclusive seating. The roto-molded handholds have a unique driving motion that maximizes the fun of the classic totter by adding speed and agility, while keeping it safe and accessible to users of all ages and abilities.

Nfuse Modular Play System

Nimble Bay Bridge

Connect your NFUSE Modular Play System play spaces with the Nimble Bay Bridge. This Extended Bay features a powder-coated metal frame and three-dimensional climbing net for developing dexterity and balance through exploration play. The bridge provides additional versatility with the deck to hub and deck to deck options available.

Sensory Ramps and Walls

The Sensory Ramp is a single wide ADA accessible entry to play structures with sensory walls that integrate four standard sensory inserts and six small inserts that provide ground level play. Children can engage with sensory play elements from the exterior sides of our ramp walls. The ramp is available in three different series options: Cognitive, Dynamic, or Playful.

The Sensory Wall is a single 12’ wall that houses two standard insert activities and three small insert activities. The activities can be accessed from either side and the wall installed freestanding as a ground-level activity or attachment to a play system.

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Playful Sensory Wall

Sensory Wall Playful Media Standard 1


Dynamic Sensory Wall

Sensory Wall Dynamic Media Standard 1


Cognitive Sensory Wall

Sensory Wall Cognative Media Standard 1


Cognitive Sensory Ramp

Sensory Ramp Cognative Media Standard 1


Dynamic Sensory Ramp

Sensory Ramp Dynamic Media Standard 1


Playful Sensory Ramp

Sensory Ramp Playful Media Standard 1


Music Panels

Our new Music Panels will hit all the right notes on any playground. Each panel can easily be added to R5 or R3.5 structure posts for perfectly tuned, interactive play. The Composer Music Panel is as melodious as it is colorful, with 15 color-coded chimes, diatonic in the key of C major. The Duo Instrument Panel provides 18 note chimes, combining bars of aluminum bars for a brighter sound or with fiberglass bars for a richer sound. Both options are an 11 note chime instrument in the key of C major pentatonic scale.

Composer Instrument Panel

Music Composer Media Standard 1


Product Family: Theme - Music Panels

Product Line: R5 | R3.5

Duo Instrument Panel

Music Duo Media Standard 1


Product Family: Theme - Music Panels

Product Line: R5 | R3.5

Solo Instrument Panel - Aluminum

Music Solo AL Media Standard 1


Product Family: Theme - Music Panels

Product Line: R5 | R3.5

Solo Instrument Panel - Fiberglass

Music Solo FB


Product Family: Theme - Music Panels

Product Line: R5 | R3.5

Hex Net Frame, Snake Net Extension, and NFUSE Extension Panels

The NFUSE Play Systems product line is expanding the modular building possibilities with our phase two launch of a new frame and several extension options. The Hex Net Frame supports the NFUSE Bay, while providing a climbable play experience and bridging play events. The Snake Net Extension with its curved, looping snake-like outside gives a unique way for kids to climb and explore the exterior of any NFUSE structure. The new Extension Panels include 8 different play panels to choose from, each encourage imaginative and sensory play.

Hex Net Frame

NFUSE Hex Net Frame Media Standard 1


Product Family: Frame

Product Line: NFUSE

Snake Net Extension

NFUSE Snake Extension Media Standard 1


Product Family: Extension

Product Line: NFUSE

Extension Panels

NFUSE Panel Extension Media Standard 1


Product Family: Extension

Product Line: NFUSE