New Products

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New Products

Playcraft Systems is always thinking of how to further the playground industry. Our research and development team remain committed to not only bringing advancements in the look and feel of play areas, but also focus on functionality, play value, and affordability. We understand the playground industry evolves and adapts over the years, and we want your new playground to be in style for years to come. We achieve this by developing new design systems, new freestanding products, and by and by reimagining playground favorites.

Fire Truck Theme 5 12 Medium

Themed Events

Expand your imagination by adding some theme play into your park setting! Whether you have a dream of making your park a pirate ship on the high seas or maybe even a fairytale castle, Playcraft has the designers to make your dream a reality.

Nfuse Modular Play System

Nimble Bay Bridge

Connect your NFUSE Modular Play System play spaces with the Nimble Bay Bridge. This Extended Bay features a powder-coated metal frame and three-dimensional climbing net for developing dexterity and balance through exploration play. The bridge provides additional versatility with the deck to hub and deck to deck options available.

Sensory Ramps and Walls

The Sensory Ramp is a single wide ADA accessible entry to play structures with sensory walls that integrate four standard sensory inserts and six small inserts that provide ground level play. Children can engage with sensory play elements from the exterior sides of our ramp walls. The ramp is available in three different series options: Cognitive, Dynamic, or Playful.

The Sensory Wall is a single 12’ wall that houses two standard insert activities and three small insert activities. The activities can be accessed from either side and the wall installed freestanding as a ground-level activity or attachment to a play system.

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Playful Sensory Wall

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Dynamic Sensory Wall

Sensory Wall Dynamic Media Standard 1


Cognitive Sensory Wall

Sensory Wall Cognative Media Standard 1


Cognitive Sensory Ramp

Sensory Ramp Cognative Media Standard 1


Dynamic Sensory Ramp

Sensory Ramp Dynamic Media Standard 1


Playful Sensory Ramp

Sensory Ramp Playful Media Standard 1


Music Panels

Our new Music Panels will hit all the right notes on any playground. Each panel can easily be added to R5 or R3.5 structure posts for perfectly tuned, interactive play. The Composer Music Panel is as melodious as it is colorful, with 15 color-coded chimes, diatonic in the key of C major. The Duo Instrument Panel provides 18 note chimes, combining bars of aluminum bars for a brighter sound or with fiberglass bars for a richer sound. Both options are an 11 note chime instrument in the key of C major pentatonic scale.

Composer Instrument Panel

Music Composer Media Standard 1


Product Family: Theme - Music Panels

Product Line: R5 | R3.5

Duo Instrument Panel

Music Duo Media Standard 1


Product Family: Theme - Music Panels

Product Line: R5 | R3.5

Solo Instrument Panel - Aluminum

Music Solo AL Media Standard 1


Product Family: Theme - Music Panels

Product Line: R5 | R3.5

Solo Instrument Panel - Fiberglass

Music Solo FB


Product Family: Theme - Music Panels

Product Line: R5 | R3.5

Hex Net Frame, Snake Net Extension, and NFUSE Extension Panels

The NFUSE Play Systems product line is expanding the modular building possibilities with our phase two launch of a new frame and several extension options. The Hex Net Frame supports the NFUSE Bay, while providing a climbable play experience and bridging play events. The Snake Net Extension with its curved, looping snake-like outside gives a unique way for kids to climb and explore the exterior of any NFUSE structure. The new Extension Panels include 8 different play panels to choose from, each encourage imaginative and sensory play.

Hex Net Frame

NFUSE Hex Net Frame Media Standard 1


Product Family: Frame

Product Line: NFUSE

Snake Net Extension

NFUSE Snake Extension Media Standard 1


Product Family: Extension

Product Line: NFUSE

Extension Panels

NFUSE Panel Extension Media Standard 1


Product Family: Extension

Product Line: NFUSE

PC4430 Cornhole Board Media Standard 1

Cornhole Board

Our new ACA regular size premium cornhole board provides hours of fun for tournament or casual game play.

New Products Dual Ultra Zip Media Standard 2


Add some twist and turns into everyday fun by including Playcraft’s new Ultra-Zip into your park! This modernized zip-line boasts a smooth ride for the user, along with easy access on either end. The Ultra-Zip is sure to attract a line of kids to join in on the fun!

New Products Sanitizing Station Media Standard 1

Sanitizing Stations

Our heavy-duty sanitizing stations are ideal for high traffic areas such as entryways and walkways. Stand-alone and sign mounted options available. Accepts most standard automatic hand sanitizer dispensers.

New Products Table Tennis Media Standard 1

Table Tennis Table

Our table tennis table offers the very best in stability and durability, standing up to the most energetic of play. With a stylish design, heavy duty frame, and metal net, this table looks great in any outdoor setting!

NFUSE System Media Thumb 1

You’ve never seen a playground design like this. Artistic and architectural, flexible and modular, this play system generates an incredibly diverse play experience in a compact footprint. With so many ways to play, kids will come back year after year to new experiences as the NFUSE system grows with them.

New Products-Spin MAXOrbit-Media Standard-1

SpinMAX Orbit

This multi-user spherical spinner offers unique climbing and spinning experiences. With two interior levels for children to explore, and plenty of inclusive seating. Asymmetrical netting creates a variety of openings, perfect for users of varying size and ability. While an adjustable speed limiter ensures controlled spinning fun.

New Products-Infinity-Media Standard-1

Infinity Design

Rethink the traditional steel and plastic look of your playground and upgrade to the new Infinity design! The interlacing infinity enclosures, along with modernized climbers and Orbital Shade will instantly add style and color to your design which is one of a kind in the industry.

New Products-Neutron Carousel-Media Standard-1

Neutron Carousel

This large diameter freestanding spinner is bound to catch attention in your park. By taking the physical play of our Neutron Spinner and integrating a heavy-duty riding rope, this component can sustain play for a wide variety of children.

New Products-Roller Slide-Media Standard-1

Roller Slide & Table

Insert an element of motion to the existing slide concept with Playcraft’s Roller Slide. The multi-wheel concept allows eye-catching color combinations on the slide bedway, and eliminates common pinch points. Interested in an inclusive option? Our Roller Table has you covered. See these and more on the Playcraft products page!