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Swings overview

Swings are not only great fun, they also help children develop physically and socially. Beginning at an early age children enjoy the sensation of movement a swing provides. The pendulum action helps contribute to the development of balance, coordination, and core development, as does the maintenance of a sitting position while swinging. Fine motor skills are also developed through hand use and grip activities. Swings also promote cooperation, sharing, turn taking, and social interaction as children ask to be pushed in a swing. Tire swings, which can accommodate multiple children also encourage socialization. Most of all, children enjoy the feeling of the wind on their faces and the exhilaration of swinging to their heart's content.

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The more the merrier with the group-oriented design of our Disc Swing. Suitable for kids 5 and up, this accessible feature offers collaborative swinging fun for up to four users. With a seat diameter of 45 inches, the Disc Swing is made of UV-stabilized rotomolded plastic and includes a soft rubber safety bumper on two sides. The Disc hangs from eight-foot uprights with a double power coated baked-on finished available in a wide array of vibrant colors. This freestanding swing is expandable and can be mixed and matched with a variety of swings from our line.

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Tire swings are incredible for promoting cooperation and requiring children to socialize. Children can take turns pushing and pulling each other in fun and dynamic ways that other swings don’t allow. These tire swings accommodate up to three children per tire for interactive play opportunities. The rotomolded tire is crafted to sustain massive use, and our heavy-duty 7-millimeter galvanized chain fortifies the Playcraft System’s quality standard.

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Swings are an old-time classic that utilizes modern design. Paintings and drawings of swings can be found dating back to at least the 5th century B.C. Simple is sometimes better, and Playcraft has taken the genuinely fun activity from the past and brought it to the present with updated materials, design, and durability. The traditional swing uses a sturdy tripod design, slash-proof belt seats, and 2-3/8” diameter galvanized steel upright posts.

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Arch swings are made of ultra-heavy gauge 3.5” or 5” diameter powdered-coated metal swing beams and archer. Are you considering upgrading your swing set in the future? The modular design of arch swings pairs with our add-a-bay products, making it the best pairing for unlimited bays and positions.

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The single post swings are made to conserve space in the play area. These make a great addition to any playground.

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Created with younger children in mind these toddler T-swings are fantastic. Bring your toddler to the park and allow them to feel the joy that swinging can bring!

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Gently pushing your child from behind is a thing of the past with Playshare swings. Join in on the swinging action with our two-seat Playshare swing. You propel the pendulum motion while a child is along for the ride!