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School Playgrounds

School playgrounds are in a unique position to meet kids where they are, helping them become smarter, healthier and stronger through play. Studies show that outdoor physical activity not only benefits a child’s health but improves classroom performance, increases cognitive development and hones social skills.

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Community playgrounds in parks, neighborhoods and urban settings do so much more than entice kids to be active. They encourage the development of important life skills, habits, and attitudes. City playgrounds facilitate family time and multi-generational play between parents, grandparents and other caregivers and children. They improve quality of life by bringing people together and creating a sense of belonging.

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Playcraft Systems regularly partners with professional landscape architects to bring their visions to life. When designing an outdoor playground area with landscape architects, we collaborate closely with you, taking factors such as client budgets, space considerations, specific terrain issues and stakeholder input into consideration. Find inspiration for your park and playground by browsing our collection of designs.

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Early childhood playgrounds offer not only the physical benefits of children becoming healthier and stronger, but they encourage the growth of critical developmental and social skills that will eventually help children become effective thinkers, leaders, and collaborators. As children play they learn persistence, patience, coping skills, share with others, practice empathy and express their thoughts and ideas.

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We’ve identified some key elements to help you along your way in the playground planning process. Learn how our GSA Contract and other purchasing contracts will help expedite the purchasing process.