Parks and Recreation

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Parks are an amazing avenue for bringing communities together.

They provide an open space where individuals of all ages can engage and play. Research has proven that parks provide a variety of beneficial attributes to a community, including community engagement, economic development, and safer neighborhoods. That’s why Playcraft Systems tailor makes playground equipment and site amenities designed to enhance your park and your community. You can be assured your project will be a success because we’re with you every step of the way.

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Considerations for Parks.

Designing a playground for a park is not as easy as just dropping in equipment and calling it good. Several elements should be considered during the design phase, including the following:

  • Community Engagement: Finding a park layout and equipment that will encourage community involvement and interactions is important. Listening to your local community is a great resource for this.
  • Accessibility: It is important that everyone gets to join in on the fun. Due to this, accessibility around the park and equipment should be looked at to ensure compliance.
  • Age Designations: A park is an area where people of all ages come to rejoice. Playground equipment should be designed to accommodate children of all ages and Playcraft even offers elements that are designed for all generations!
  • Surfacing: This factor can be often overlooked, but in reality over half of the playground accidents occur from a fall. Your playground's surfacing is crucial and should accommodate your equipment's fall height.
  • Maintenance: Even after the playground is installed does not mean the work is over. Proper maintenance should be conducted on your equipment to promote the longevity and safety of your playground.

Contact your local Playcraft Consultant today to start planning out the perfect park for your community!

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At Playcraft Systems, we like to offer our customers peace of mind in regards to their next playground project. Our consultants will work alongside your team every step of the way to verify you are hitting all of your requirements and feel comfortable with your purchase. Playcraft Systems will also back our consultants with design layouts, posters, fundraising assistance, and an industry leading warranty.

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Need a playground, but unsure how to budget it? Playcraft Systems offers a wide range of fundraising tips and guides to start you off in the right direction. Also, with the assistance of PlayCore, we can provide a list of current grant opportunities for you to apply to help with the financial burden.

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A playground should be an area that all children can engage in the element of play. Due to this, creating an inclusive design for your park is a crucial factor. During the design phase, key considerations should be made including types of play, accessibility, and maneuverability around the site. These considerations should not only focus on the equipment itself, but also the surfacing and access to the park.

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Introducing PlayViewer™ our interactive playground viewing and coloring tool.

With PlayViewer you have 360° interactive control over any of our wide selection of play system designs.

See your playground in as many colors as you like, and when finished, submit your chosen color scheme directly to your local consultant.