School Playgrounds

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The Importance of Play
Within Schools.

Research has proven that children that partake in physical play during the day have a better likelihood of focusing within the classroom and having a higher success in school. At Playcraft, we promote this success by designing playgrounds that are best suited for schools. These playground designs encourage the child to engage in all forms of play, including physical, social, and cognitive. Browse through our planning resources and contact your local Playcraft consultant to get started on a design that will work best for your school!

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Considerations for Schools.

When designing a playground for a school, there are several factors to consider:

  • Line of Sight: This is an important factor within any playground design, but especially within a school setting. Teachers and school aides need to be able to see across the playground to monitor the kids.
  • Types of Play: While a child is on a playground, it is advantageous if they engage in all elements of play. These types include physical, social, cognitive, and motion. STEM panels can be a great addition to any playground, also!
  • Inclusive Elements: Similar to any playground, it is crucial to develop a playground that all children can use and enjoy. Inclusive play allows children of all abilities to interact on the playground. Schools should promote no child left behind in any factor.
  • Child Capacity: The playground design needs to accommodate the number of children that could be playing on it at one time. This number should be the basis for the preliminary design and size.
  • Budget: Just like any other purchase, budget considerations need to be considered during the preliminary stages of the playground design. Several factors are calculated within this budget, including site work, playground material cost, installation, and surfacing.
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At Playcraft Systems, we offer you peace of mind in regards to your next playground project. Our consultants will work alongside your team every step of the way to verify we meet or exceed all of your requirements and that you feel satisfied with your purchase. Playcraft Systems consultants excel at providing design layouts, posters, links to fundraising assistance, and an industry leading warranty.

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Need a playground, but unsure how to budget it? Playcraft Systems offers a wide range of fundraising tips and guides to start you off in the right direction. We can also provide a list of current grant opportunities.

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A playground should welcome all children to engage in play. To facilitate inclusion, design is a crucial factor. During the design phase, we can ensure that key considerations are made to ensure a variety of play types, accessibility to the play area, and maneuverability throughout the site. These considerations will also include surfacing.