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2024 Buyer's Guide

Browse through our 2024 Buyer's Guide to discover a variety of innovative products and unique playground designs. This catalog contains all of the following:

  • All of our brand new products for 2024
  • A guide to inclusive design and best practices
  • Color guide for your next playground
  • And a surplus of components to integrate on your new playground design!


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At Playcraft Systems, the quality of our product is never sacrificed for budget constraints. Instead, every component is analyzed to verify that it leads the industry not only in the base material but also coatings. Read through our Quality Craftsmanship Brochure to learn about the extraordinary detail that Playcraft puts into all of our products.

Elementsof Color Color Theory Booklet 2024 Cover


The color of the material plays an impactful role in the overall design. As an example, a structure with a natural color scheme may look completely different than that same structure with bright colors. Take a look at our education ColorPlay Design Booklet to learn the importance of color and how to apply it to your next project.

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NFUSE Modular Play System

Playcraft Systems continues to advance the future of play with the introduction of the NFUSE Modular Play System. This booklet contains detailed information on the NFUSE product line, including design guidelines, innovative new structures, and component highlights.

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Net Effects

Playcraft Systems offers a variety of rope play options with our Net Effects product line. Net Effects can be used freestanding or as an integrated part of a play system. Provide children with physically and socially engaging ways to navigate your next playground.