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With any Playcraft equipment purchase valued at $25,000
or more, schools will receive
FREE classroom supplies!

To promote play and creativity, Playcraft Systems is stepping forward to help by providing much needed supplies to our schools. From May 17th to July 30th, 2021, every Playcraft playground purchased for a school with a retail of $25,000 or more will include free classroom supplies for that school! From pencils to backpacks, we recognize those who mentor and encourage imaginative thinking for a better tomorrow.

Place your order by July 30th, 2021 to get in on this amazing deal!

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300 Backpacks, 650 Pencil Pouches,
650 Pencil Packs, 650 Crayon Packs,
650 Erasers, 650 Rulers,
650 Glue Sticks, 650 Pencil Sharpeners,
650 Notebooks, 650 Scissors

Backto School Promo Class2 Full Square


200 Backpacks, 500 Pencil Pouches,
500 Pencil Packs, 500 Crayon Packs,
500 Erasers, 500 Rulers,
500 Glue Sticks, 500 Pencil Sharpeners,
500 Notebooks, 500 Scissors

Backto School Promo Class3 Full Square


500 Pencil Pouches, 500 Pencil Packs,
500 Crayon Packs, 500 Erasers,
500 Rulers, 500 Glue Sticks,
500 Pencil Sharpeners, 500 Notebooks
500 Scissors

Backto School Promo Class4 Full Square


250 Pencil Pouches, 250 Pencil Packs,
250 Crayon Packs, 250 Erasers,
250 Rulers, 250 Glue Sticks,
250 Pencil Sharpeners, 250 Notebooks
250 Scissors

Backto School Promo Example Media Double 1


$25,000 - $50,000
Playcraft Play System Purchase

After purchasing their Playcraft
equipment the client received
A Class 4 School Supplies Package.

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With help from our nationwide consultants, ordering a playground and qualifying for this promotion is easy!

Our talented playground representatives have the skill and experience to help you shape the dream of that perfect playground into a workable reality. They are eager to assist you with everything from site evaluations to age-appropriate activities, tips on design, colors, and features, and budget concerns including fundraising.


This promotion is valid for schools and school districts only. Promotional item options are based upon dollar amount spent on Playcraft Systems equipment only. The dollar amount is set by Playcraft Systems MSRP for the equipment purchased. This promotion is per project basis, so the Playcraft dollar is calculated per project total of that PlayDesigner file, not including non Playcraft product.

All eligible purchases for the Giving Back to Schools must go through a Playcraft Systems Consultant and must be provided to the purchasing school. Giving Back to Schools participation must be noted at time of quote. All items purchased on this promotion must ship together and maintain the current standard lead time. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion, reward or discount. Offer valid on projects proposed and ordered between May 17th to July 30th, 2021. The promotional items will be shipped to the purchasing schools upon the conclusion of the promotion.