There are several avenues to receive funding for your next playground project. Our funding guide has over 50 pages of current grant opportunities available to regional, national, and global applicants. The guide details hundreds of programs, listing award amounts, deadlines, websites, and contact information to get you started.

Grant Funding Access

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Steps to Funding a Playground

Playground projects, like all other projects, start with budgeting. There are several stages to consider in determining the funds needed to execute the project, including the site work, the equipment, installation, and surfacing. These factors can add up quickly depending on the size and complexity of the project. This is where funding can play a major component of any playground project. No matter what your dream playground may cost, Playcraft offers a variety of ways to fund your next project.

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In need of a new playground, but don't have the time or budget for the bidding headache?

Then take advantage of Playcraft's purchasing contracts that satisfy all bidding requirements. Purchasing contracts also empower customers to pool their buying power together to negotiate pricing. Browse through Playcraft's selection of contracts to see which one fits your agency's needs the best.

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Playground financing options are available for your project.

Just like anything else in life, there are financing methods to help you with your playground project. Playcraft Systems has teamed up Navitas Credit Corp to provide our customers with another avenue to fund their project. Navitas provides affordable financing solutions to meet any customer's budget restraints and allow every community to receive the playground they deserve.

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With help from our nationwide consultants, ordering playgrounds is easy.

Our talented playground representatives have the skill and experience to help you shape the dream of that perfect playground into a workable reality. They are eager to assist you with everything from site evaluations to age-appropriate activities, tips on design, colors, and features, and budget concerns including fundraising.