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Foundations of Inclusive Play

Inclusive design is a way of creating physical spaces and
products to address the inherent diversity of people. It
introduces flexibility, choice, and accommodating features
to the world that we all inhabit. Every child has the right
to play, but not every child has the opportunity to do so in
their local park. An inclusive playground eliminates barriers,
encouraging personal growth along with the creation of
new friendships. At Playcraft Systems, we firmly follow our
belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to play, as the
element of play strengthens the bond of a community.

Designing Inclusion

Inclusive play begins with an understanding of each project
goal. Our network of consultants and design team will
collaboratively work with your playground committee to
ensure every aspect and goal is achieved. We create play
areas without separation and play experiences without
borders while incorporating the existing opportunities of
the available space and setting. Ultimately, our design will
create an environment to accommodate individual abilities
yet provide an atmosphere where all children and adults can
be themselves and join in the total enjoyment experienced
throughout your playground.

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Inclusive Strategies


Getting people to the play space is only part of the equation, ensuring they have equitable play experiences when they get there is key to success. Think about using ramps, and providing equitable ground level play opportunities to elements that may not be accessed by a ramp so everyone can have rich and diverse play opportunities.


Understanding how to use the play area should be intuitive and easy for all people.


Think about touch, sight, sound, movement and other sensory elements when considering the mix of components to use.


Children learn about each other when they communicate, consider ways to add communicative elements in the play space to help encourage exchanges and adventures between children of all abilities.


Thinking about the many ways that children play is an important aspect of success. Some children love to jump in the middle of the action, others may prefer to comfortably observe from a cozy spot to bench before jumping into the play.


A child deserves to be able to interact with the other kids on the playground and not be limited to certain types of equipment based on their abilities. Provide opportunities for mixed interactions, and give everyone the opportunity to be the hero.

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Inclusive Play Products

Playcraft Systems offers a wide assortment of inclusive play activities. With the help of our playground consultants and design team, your project can address the diverse developmental needs of children within your community, providing opportunities for physical, social-emotional, sensory, cognitive, and communicative development.

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Inclusive Play Systems

The best measure of an inclusive play structure’s success is how the community actually uses it. Our playground consultants work closely with their clients to design towards attracting and enabling a broader range of users of diverse abilities and skill levels. A successful design can build social capital through many community engagement opportunities along the way. And, from watching children play together without barriers, as a result of their efforts.