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How your playground is built.

The process begins by having a sit-down consultation with a Playcraft Consultant and laying out the parameters of the project.

Our Consultants will then take your ideas and work closely with our Design Services Department to bring your vision to life with our playground building software. We then provide you with industry-leading 3D representations of your playground before moving forward.

After Design Services has finished the digital drafting of your project our manufacturing process begins. Empowered by our advanced production system our craftsmen create every component, focusing on build quality and the Playcraft top of the line standard.

After a final quality assurance inspection, your project is packaged in custom built palettes that are tailored to each unique order. Ready to be shipped out to you.

Once your playground shipment has arrived, it's time to build. Our consultants have the resources to guide you through installation, maintenance, and inspections. Making sure the finished playground serves the community for years to come.

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Our Design Services Team
does more than just design playgrounds.

The Design Services department will assign you an ASTM certified playground designer. Utilizing our proprietary playground building software we begin to work on bring your playground to life. Once a design is approved by you the department works on providing you digital or print materials of high-quality 3D images and renders of your playground.

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Ordering a playground has never been easier!

When you order your playground, PlayDesigner organizes it into a detailed list of parts and enters it into our advanced electronic production and inventory control system, ensuring consistently high quality and on time delivery. Our manufacturing process uses the latest technology to create precision parts and components including climbers, decks, and rotationally molded plastic components like slides and roofs. To achieve faster turn-around times and maintain the product quality standards that Playcraft offers, virtually all of our products are manufactured in-house.

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The best manufacturing practices yield the best quality.

Playcraft Systems utilizes some of the most state-of-the-art machinery in the playground industry. This modernized machinery allows us to have full control of our quality and production times. On top of that, we emphasize using environmentally friendly practices that allow our facility to leave behind the smallest carbon footprint possible.

Craftsmanship is the cornerstone of our company, and our innovative manufacturing process was designed around it.


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Each new playground arrives in our custom packaging and shipping materials.

Every shipment comes with a comprehensive instruction booklet along with a Playground Equipment Manual specific to your project. Our King Clamp System is unlike any other mounting system on the market, and specifically designed to ensure a smooth and stress-free installation. Our highly trained Playcraft installers are on-hand to place the finishing touches on your dream playground to make it a reality for your community.

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Careful maintenance keeps your new playground in premium condition.

Your local Playcraft consultant will work with you to create a custom maintenance plan allowing you to protect your investment, manage risk, improve children’s play experiences, and control costs. We also include a maintenance kit that has graffiti remover and touch-up paint to keep your playground looking great for many years to come.