NFUSE Modular Play System

Our NFUSE Play Systems

Playcraft Systems continues to advance the future of play with the introduction of the NFUSE Modular Play System. The NFUSE line strikes the perfect balance of innovative design and functional play spaces, creating an invigorating playscape every time. Challenging cables, elevated climbers and social hangout spots are ideal for the 5-12 user. Connect interchangeable bays and extensions, or link between play systems to infuse new play opportunities. Modules, freestanding and hybrid structures can be tailored to fit any playground footprint and budget.

The NFUSE Modular Play System

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The NFUSE Modular Play System uses it's three core elements of Hubs, Bays, and Frames to provide lasting and engaging play. With the functionality of connecting events to either freestanding play or post and deck hubs, NFUSE structures can be modified to the client's specific needs. The NFUSE System expands on style and challenge with the addition of Extensions, Arch Bays, and Shade Sails. The curving profiles of these elements create movement as well as the flow of the play. And the variety in combinations of modular play features put emphasis on the style of play the client is looking for.

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Paired with an inner bay, this multi-functional climbing arch promotes physical, social and cognitive development. The suspended outer rings create a comfortable and attractive seating space, which are great for social hangouts or planning the next adventurous route.

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A creative adaption of our popular Revolution Tri-Ring, this bay features a secured swaying motion from ring to ring. Kids can travel across, transition through the rings, or navigate up to the topside of the bay for continued fun and exploration.

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Expand the play of any NFUSE frame with these roto-molded climbers. The back-to-back Slither climbers are set at varied heights to improve balance and agility. The Slither Climber is the perfect component to functionally link with other ground-based play events.

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NFUSE Modules are unique freestanding play events designed to create memorable experiences. By fusing modules together, to a hub, or to a post and deck structure an incredibly diverse play experience is created. Choose from pre-designed modules or build your own by combining bays, frames, and a wide selection of Round-5 components.

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Creating a wealth of play opportunities in a compact footprint, NFUSE Structures are characterized by their design around a central hub. These hubs provide kids vertical climbing opportunities, and a visual anchor which keeps them flowing back to it. While the connected event bays and extensions encourage children to seek out new paths, keeping them continually on the move.

Nfuse Systems Hybrid Example Media Standard 1


This structure type blends the traditional play value of post and deck structures with the dynamic, modern challenges of the NFUSE System. Modules, bays, and frames connect seamlessly with our Round-5 components, blending circuit play equipment with the traditional familiarity of post and deck. The design possibilities are endless when mix and matching between these two modular system types.

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The NFUSE System line is remarkably adaptable to any play space or application. With the combination of modules, bays, and other components, compound freestanding structures stand out functionally and visually without the need of hubs or post and deck connections. A custom compound structure gives you the versatility of our modular events, packaged in an intriguing freestanding design that is sure to delight.

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Round-5 Play Systems

Our premier line features traditional post and deck construction, enhanced by modern components and our unique King-Clamp­­TM fastening system. This revolutionary system allows designers to attach up to six components per clamp for unmatched flexibility, clean designs, and money saving construction.