Site Amenities

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Site Amenities

Spruce up your park with Playcraft Systems' site amenities. Our site amenities are built to withstand all ranges of weather and are guaranteed to last. The site amenity line up is coated with an in-house state-of-the-art Play-Tuff (plastisol) coating process that offers unmatched protection, is slip resistant, and is extra thick (80-100 millimeters) for unmatched protection.

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Our picnic tables and seats are made from perforated sheet metal and Play-Tuff coated after fabrication. These tables have been crafted with quality and lifespan at the forefront of their design. These tables come in a variety of Play-Tuff and powder-coat colors.

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Playcraft benches are a great convenience and addition to any playground. Add a custom sign for extra flair with your benches! These colorful and durable signs are made from high-density sheet plastic and are available in a variety of colors.

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Bike racks have many different designs, shapes, and sizes. Playcraft understands that most equipment isn’t a one size fits all solution, so we’ve created several different quality bike racks to fit your needs.

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    Whether you are retaining surfacing or using them to border a school garden, earth-friendly BorderScape Ramp and Border Timbers are made from recycled plastic and are an excellent alternative to expensive concrete borders. Modular in design, BorderScape Ramps and Timbers fit together beautifully. Molded-in joints allow for easy installation and configuration. The BorderScape access ramps are ideal for providing convenient budget friendly ADA compliant access to play areas.

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    Playcraft Systems offers many different types of surfacing. Choosing the correct surfacing for your play area is essential in making your playgrounds look and feel come together.

    • Engineered Wood Fiber – Made from engineered, non-toxic, crushed wood fiber. Adds a natural look to your playground.
    • Synthetic Turf – Has the look and feel of real grass but does not require mowing. This also adds a natural look and feel to your playground.
    • Recycled Poured Rubber – Provides an attractive, seamless, resilient surface with great impact attenuation and ADA accessibility.
    • Rubber Tile – Offers great shock absorption, low maintenance, long wear and excellent accessibility.
    • Recycled Bonded Rubber – An attractive tile surface consisting of shredded recycled rubber tires, polyurethane binder and pigment.
    • Recycled Shredded Rubber – A loose-fill surface option that is made of 100% clean, ground, recycled rubber tires. Available in a variety of colors.