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Early Childhood and the Influence of a Playground

During the early years of life, children are constantly learning and developing, at home, in class, and while at play. A well-designed playground can serve as a great resource to promote the developmental growth of children. It is a place where they can be physically active, and develop socially, emotionally, and cognitively.

At Playcraft Systems, we design equipment to engage children and challenge them, all with the purpose of providing a solid foundation for growth across all developmental domains. Browse through our planning guides and funding tools, and contact your local Playcraft Consultant to have a knowledgeable and experienced playground designer on your team!

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Considerations for Early Childhood playground design.

When reviewing how children play during their earlier years, certain factors need to be taken into consideration, including their physical and cognitive abilities, along with the importance of social development. It is important to promote play that will encourage their imagination and test their motor skills. The following should be included in any playground equipment designed for younger children:

  • Sensory: At a young age, children are developing their sensory and motor skills. Including sensory equipment on your playground, such as musical equipment, can provide a beneficial factor to a child.
  • Cognitive Development: Children at this age are learning at a faster rate than they will ever achieve throughout their lifetime. Having play panels that are educational and interactive are a great addition to your playground.
  • Imagination: No matter the age, imagination and creativity are important factors to promote within children. A child's imagination can help expand their motor skills, along with developing their social interactions.

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At Playcraft Systems, we offer you peace of mind in regards to your next playground project. Our consultants will work alongside your team every step of the way to verify we meet or exceed all of your requirements and that you feel satisfied with your purchase. Playcraft Systems consultants excel at providing design layouts, posters, links to fundraising assistance, and an industry leading warranty.

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Need a playground, but unsure how to budget it? Playcraft Systems offers a wide range of fundraising tips and guides to start you off in the right direction. We can also provide a list of current grant opportunities.

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