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Introducing PlayViewer™ Our Interactive playground viewing and coloring tool.

Get a better appreciation for any of our play system designs through PlayViewer's interactive interface.

  • Rotate, zoom, and pan around to see all of your structure.
  • Modify colors by scheme or material type.
  • Choose from a wide variety of color schemes.
  • Streamline your color select with in-application submittal of your choices to your local consultant.
(Windows Desktop Only)

Install the latest update by clicking here.

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Download any Play System file and choose your colors today!

Tailored for your budget and play area size, Playcraft has designed four exclusive system types for your playground. Each system type offers its own unique aesthetic and dynamic play value. Search through our array of structures and find the best solution for your site. With Playcraft’s modular design, easily modify any design to suit your needs.

Color Play


Sometimes color can be disregarded to the last step in any playground design. However, the color of the material plays an impactful role in the overall design. As an example, a structure with a natural color scheme may look completely different than that same structure with bright colors. Take a look at our education ColorPlay Design Booklet to learn the importance of color and how to apply it to your next project.

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With help from our nationwide consultants, ordering playgrounds is easy.

Our talented playground representatives have the skill and experience to help you shape the dream of that perfect playground into a workable reality. They are eager to assist you with everything from site evaluations to age-appropriate activities, tips on design, colors and features, and budget concerns including fundraising.