Craze Wave Climb Wall

The Craze Wave Climb Wall provides a modern alternative to traditional disc climbers, chain net walls, or our organic erector rock systems. Available in a growing number of modular variations, these links deliver a multi-user climbing environment that encourages exploration while developing grip, coordination, planning, and body strength.

NFUSE Nimble Bay Bridge

The Nimble Bay Bridge is the newest addition to the NFUSE Modular Play System within the Extended Bay family. This modular bay is a versatile freestanding play event for lots of children or easily integrates into any larger NFUSE system design.

Twister Tower with Portal Slide

We’ve expanded our Net Effects products, introducing the Twister Tower with Portal Slide. Kids can now enjoy the open air as they twist and slide their way through our tallest systems. The Portal slides offer an exhilarating transition from enclosed to an open bed-way at or under 96” from the surfacing below.

Spiral Slide

Adventure awaits around every twist and turn with our Spiral Slide. The Spiral Slide is now available in left or right spiral configurations at 72”, 84” or 96” deck heights.

ULTRA-ZIP with Dragon Rider™

The Ultra-Zip is now modular! Using standardized entries, curved and straight tracks, build the ride that is right for your site or project. Four seating options are available (Standard, Swing, Inclusive and Dragon Rider™). The unique Dragon Rider™ provides an industry exclusive and exciting multi-user experience. This seat option comes in 3 preconfigured lengths (52', 68' or 84').

X Tower

Play reaches new heights with the new Net Effects X Tower. Over 21’ tall, these signature tensioned nets provide a challenging climbing experience for up to 20 children and a dramatic style for any project.

Table Tennis Table

Our table tennis table offers the very best in stability and durability, standing up to the most energetic of play. With a stylish design, heavy duty frame, and metal net, this table looks great in any outdoor setting!

Transforma Desk

Our new Transforma-Desk not only modernizes a standard picnic table, but also provides a solution for schools looking to have outdoor classrooms. These multi-functional desks are constructed out of our standard high-grade material, including our Play-Tuff™ coated sheet steel and durable powder-coating. They can be used as a standalone desk, connected to make either a bench or table, and even a multi-person workstation. There are also clear, lexan divider add-ons to provide barriers between students and condense the overall classroom area.