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Why Design Matters

Design can be described as a activity that translates an idea into a blueprint for something useful. This process is present in most everything we encounter in our lives and effects how we engage with media, fashion, food, technology, and of course public parks and playgrounds.

Most people think of the "design" of a something to mean how it looks, but aesthetics are only one part of the whole, and no design is any good unless it fulfills the needs of a user. We've devised principles and techniques that our designers and consultants utilize to create the best playground to suit your needs. Our people work closely with their clients and design with personalized considerations such as function, safety, way-finding, maintenance, branding, aesthetics, etc. Giving forethought to who, why, and how your new playground will be used, and what it will bring to the community it serves.

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Sometimes color can be disregarded to the last step in any playground design. However, the color of the material plays an impactful role in the overall design. As an example, a structure with a natural color scheme may look completely different than that same structure with bright colors. Take a look at our education ColorPlay Design Booklet to learn the importance of color and how to apply it to your next project.


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At Playcraft Systems, we like to offer our customers peace of mind in regards to their next playground project. Our Consultants will work alongside your team every step of the way to verify you are hitting all of your requirements and feel satisfied with your purchase. Playcraft Systems will also back our Consultants with design layouts, posters, fundraising assistance, and an industry leading warranty.

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With help from our nationwide consultants, ordering playgrounds is easy.

Our talented playground representatives have the skill and experience to help you shape the dream of that perfect playground into a workable reality. They are eager to assist you with everything from site evaluations to age-appropriate activities, tips on design, colors and features, and budget concerns including fund raising.

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Our Design Services Team
does more than just design playgrounds.

You have a dream and vision! Our team of talented Playcraft Consultants and expert designers will work collaboratively with you and your team. We can assist with important factors like site evaluations, age-appropriate activities, design ideas, colors, time lines, and budgets. We’ll also advise you on important safety and compliance guidelines. Utilizing our state-of-the-art PlayDesigner™ software, we work with your ideas to create unbelievable play areas filled with fun and wonder. Every shape, dream, and smile that you envisioned will appear before your eyes.